Among ma face
137x90cm satin silk 32mm, clay, wood

Among ma face

Nowadays we confront digital relations on a daily basis and, so, it is just too easy to lose affection, care and voluminous awareness of our relatives. I myself am a sensitive person and hence my memories are full of emotions and thoughts of my experiences. Every gesture, smell and touch remains stuck in my mind.

How do I feel and how do I want others to feel me? How despite my gesture’s intent, words and images are multiply interpreted

To me digital interfaces have always been a vulnerable world, diffused and diluted. One day I ended up drawing with watercolors a selfie I had sent to my boyfriend, who lives elsewhere, having pizza on late Friday evening. This drawing has been manipulated itself and material experimented for the purpose of being wearable.

Among ma face
Among ma face
Among ma face

Rietveld Uncut, 2018
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Among ma face
137x90cm satin silk scarf
12 clay jewelry pieces
Wood hanger

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