My name is laura. i was born in Valladolid in 1993. Nowadays i’m based in between Amsterdam – Barcelona.
i develop a practice of radical care at the constant intersection of…

Landscapes to talk about the body in motion and their context, acknowledging the body and its environment. I understand that wearing garments, as well as any relation to materiality, is a form of discourse. I’m interested in how these discourses affect the body.

Matter transformation I have an intrinsic curiosity for the contrasts between nature/artificiality and the need to work with my physicality and matter. In order to alter these discourses, I like to disturb methodologies and materials in order to cause effects into symbolic constructions of our corporality and the relation with otherness.

Abundance and circular economy, refusing to take part in profit-based industry, escaping the commodification of the immaterial, looking for possibilities of value change and reorientation for what we own, produce and their circulation, together with the human and non-human relations implied in those processes.

Slowness, as a statement to reappropriate our bodies and their possibilities, acknowledging the importance of contemplation to be able to develop our practice in response to the confronting situation we live in.
Deterritorialization/cohesion as a strategy to co-exist in a diverse, scattered, rooted, awake, … collectiveness, aiming at commoning within environments that can be ephemeral or long-living, as the material or immaterial pieces developed at the intersection of those string figures. And in exploring which aesthetics lead us by crossing all boundaries of how they’re built.

I’m also part of 101.